Differences from WordPress 4.9.X

Dropped functionality

  • Gutenberg callout
  • Windows Live Writer integration
  • Admin side “About” page
  • “Browser Happy” ( alerts given when the user uses an old browser ) detection
  • Automatic tag balancing option
  • Ability to avoid converting textual smilies into images
  • Automatic updates of core, plugins or themes
  • “WordPress Events” dashboard widget
  • IM related fields in the user profile
  • Support for the IIS web server

Changed functionality

  • Core updates are coming from calmPress.org (duh)
  • There are no translations available the core’s admin screens. It is possible to use the WordPress translations, but some strings are going to be in english due to changes in strings between WordPress and calmPress.
  • Core updates can be more granular and the admin might be offered several possible migration paths. You can read more about it at the Upgrade calmPress page.

Should work but not properly tested

  • Multisite (although this site runs on such a configuration)
  • Nginx web server

Compatibility with 3rd party tools and other utilities

  • WP-CLI – Compatibility was not tested. Some things related to update of core might or might not work, but it is very likely that things like plugin and theme updates will work as expected.

Compatibility with plugins and themes

As there is relatively very little difference in code between WordPress 4.9.x and calmPress 0.9.x we expect that 99% of the plugins and themes should “just work”.

Two areas that might be problematic are

  • Security type plugins that try to verify that you are running WordPress will fail (duh)
  • Any plugin that assumes that automatic updates work, will most likely not function fully.